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Is your school ready to dance with New York City Ballet? In-school residency programs and theater tours will bring creativity, collaboration, and inspiration to your classroom.

Engaging, supporting, and inspiring New York City public school communities through the exploration of New York City Ballet's artistry.

Students and educators work to strengthen their own artistic voices and explore how ballet is an accessible art form relevant to their daily lives. Aligned with the Common Core Learning Standards and the New York City Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in Dance, these programs promote experiential, and interdisciplinary approaches to learning that center social-emotional development, collaboration, and self-expression. Our professional dance educators partner with classroom teachers to incorporate the arts into literacy and learning.

New York City Ballet in the Classroom

A look inside NYCB’s school residency programs that engage, support, and inspire students in New York City public schools.

Partner with us

As a fellow resident of the city, New York City Ballet is committed to being an integral part of the educational growth of young people in New York City public schools. By working together to create impactful arts-based experiences, we foster creative learning and cultivate a community of celebration that invites students into the cultural legacy of New York City Ballet.