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Dustin Yellin's installation for the 2015 Art Series featured 15 stunning and detailed glass sculptures on the Promenade of the theater.

The works of incredible detail, which the Brooklyn-based Yellin described as "humans trapped inside of microscope slides made up of cultural DNA," are part of his larger "Psychogeography" series.

NYCB Art Series Presents: Dustin Yellin

Brooklyn-based artist Dustin Yellin brings a collection of his glass sculptures from the ongoing Psychogeographies series to New York City Ballet for the third presentation of Art Series, which welcomes contemporary artists to our Lincoln Center home.

Born in California and raised in Colorado, Dustin Yellin currently lives and works in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, where he founded Pioneer Works, a non-profit center for art and innovation, in 2010. Yellin is best known for his large-scale sculptural paintings that use multiple layers of glass, each individually embellished through a precise and painstaking process, to create an intricate, three-dimensional collage. His largest and most complex work, The Triptych, is a massive 12-ton, three-paneled epic that recalls the fantastic imagery of Hieronymous Bosch.