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TurnOut is an initiative launched by New York City Ballet to empower ballet and arts lovers across the globe to help raise funds for one of the world's most vibrant dance companies.

Tapping into the talents and expertise of audience members and fans, as well as their personal and corporate networks, TurnOut encourages NYCB enthusiasts to take the lead in developing fundraising events to benefit New York City Ballet.

All proceeds from TurnOut events benefit the Dancer Wellness Fund. The Dancer Wellness Fund helps to support Dancers physical and mental well-being and ensures they receive exceptional care for injury prevention and recovery.

2022-23 Events

Dancing on the Green
Tuesday, June 13, 2023




  • Throw a dinner or cocktail party
  • Coordinate a gallery night
  • Create a 5K, half- or full marathon team
  • Organize a dance-a-thon
  • Cook a ballet breakfast
  • Brew up a "Tea and Tutus" event
  • Choreograph your own movement lab
  • Arrange a fashion show
  • Plan a golf tournament
  • Hold a silent or live auction
  • Invite your friends to a theater night
  • Find items for a raffle
  • Host a karaoke event
  • Gather proceeds from the sale of an item

Contact turnout@nycballet.com for more information on how to get started with your fundraising idea.