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See ways to become more involved in the Young Patrons Circle community below. 

Summary: Steering Committee is comprised of current YPC members who volunteer to support the Coordinator of the program and are tasked with helping to make the Young Patrons Circle the most inclusive and relevant donor program it can be


  • Help YPC reach its yearly financial goal, through recruiting, party attendance, and retention of current members
  • Make YPC a welcoming and inclusive community
  • Help further the long-term goals of YPC, which include a larger, more diverse patron base and aged-out YPC members becoming members or major donors
  • Increasing attendance at NYCB performances by YPC members, including subscriptions

Terms: Members serve on the Steering Committee for a two-year term. They will have one year off between terms and are allowed to reapply for up to 4 terms or until they age out of YPC, whichever comes first. Years run on the NYCB fiscal year: July 1-June 30.

Commitments: Steering Committee members agree to meet these commitments. If they do not meet them within their first year, the Coordinator may suggest another way to be involved with less time and financial commitment

  • Attend quarterly Steering Committee meetings
  • Fulfill give/get requirement of $1,000 (either be at the $1,000 level, or recruit new members to reach that level [must be at least Level One member])
  • Complete any tasks volunteered for at meetings
  • Uphold NYCB Core Values

How to apply: Steering Committee applications open at the end of the spring season. Contact youngpatrons@nycballet.com to find out when the next enrollment starts.


Summary: Our larger YPC events, such as our Post-Performance Parties, have host committees who are charged with coming up with a theme, choosing décor, and inviting a minimum number of guests to purchase tickets to the event. It’s a great opportunity for those who want to meet other dedicated YPC members and have a knack for event planning


  • Attend host committee calls
  • Attend the event you are on the host committee for
  • Bring a minimum of 10 paying guests

How to apply: If you are interested in being on a host committee, please email youngpatrons@nycballet.com with the subject line “Host Committee”. We will reach out when we need host committee members for an upcoming event.

Have an idea that doesn’t fit in any of the listed opportunities? Please email youngpatrons@nycballet.com.

23-24 Season YPC Steering Committee:

Anmol Bhagchand
Faith Cummings
Matilde Flores
Joseph Gedeon
Cari Griggs
Jamie Henning
Praveen Maddela
James McConnell
Laura Nizlek
Josh Ostapchuk
Albert Reiss
Christina Russell
Elisha Stewart