Choreography by: Gloria Contreras, George Balanchine, Francisco Moncion, John Taras, & Jacques d’Amboise

Music by: Various composers

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I. Chile: Serenata Concertante 2nd, 3rd, 4th Movements by Juan Orrego Salas

II. Colombia: Preludlos Para Percusion (1957) by Luis Escobar

III.Brazil: Choros No. 7 (1924) by Hector Villa-Lobos

IV. Mexico: Sinfonia No. 5 for String Orchestra (1954) by Carlos Chavez

V. Argentina: Music Variaciones Concertantes (1953) by Alberto Ginastera

VI. Mexico: Ocho por Radio (1933) by Silvestre Revuelta

VII. Uruguay: Sinfonia No. 2 for String Orchestra 2nd movement (1950) by Hector Tosar

VIII. Cuba: Danzas Sinfonicas (1955-56) by Julian Orbon
January 20, 1960, New York City Ballet, City Center of Music and Drama
Original Cast
I. Chile: Allegra Kent, Jonathan Watts

II. Colombia: Patricia Wilde, Erik Bruhn

III. Brazil: Violette Verdy, Roy Tobias

IV. Mexico: Diana Adams, Nicholas Magallanes, Francisco Moncion

V. Argentina: Violette Verdy, Patricia Wilde, Edward Villella

VI. Mexico: Jillana, Deni Lamont Arthur Mitchell, Roland Vazquez

VII. Uruguay: Violette Verdy, Erik Bruhn

VIII. Cuba: Maria Tallchief, Conrad Ludlow, Arthur Mitchell, Edward Villella

Costumes by
Esteban Francés & Karinska (part IV only)
Set by
David Hays
Lighting by
David Hays

An evening-long collection of eight short pieces.

I.  Chile: Gloria Contreras
II.  Colombia: George Balanchine
III.  Brazil: Francisco Moncion
IV.  Mexico: George Balanchine
V.  Argentina: John Taras
VI.  Mexico: Gloria Contreras
VII.  Uruguay: Jacques d’Amboise
VIII.  Cuba: George Balanchine