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All Stravinsky

MAY 10, 11 mat, 17, 25 eve


Although George Balanchine’s decades-long collaboration with Igor Stravinsky contributed several classics to the repertory, New York City Ballet choreographers of newer generations have continued to find inspiration in the Russian composer’s work. Christopher Wheeldon’s Scènes de Ballet, just his second dance for the Company, features 64 students of the School of American Ballet in an enchanting depiction of young dancers learning their craft, with a charming set by the devoted ballet-lover and artist Ian Falconer, author of the beloved Olivia children’s books. Justin Peck’s Pulcinella Variations combines classical steps with vibrant costumes derived from the commedia dell’arte tradition. And Balanchine’s classic leotard ballet Symphony in Three Movements reveals, with its inspired matching of music and choreography, how deeply Balanchine’s dance ideals and Stravinsky’s music were attuned.

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