Antique Epigraphs

Choreography by: Jerome Robbins

Music by: Claude Debussy

An all-female cast performs this dramatic and introspective piece, alluding to the earthy fervor and sculptural forms of Greek antiquity.

The first six sections of Antique Epigraphs are set to an orchestrated version of Six Epigraphes Antiques, music originally written as accompaniment for the prose poetry of Pierre Lou├┐s' Chanson de Bilitis, supposed translations of newly discovered autobiographical poetry of Sappho. The seventh section of the ballet is danced to Syrinx, a melody for unaccompanied flute.

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Six Epigraphes Antiques (1915), orchestrated by Ernest Ansermet (1932) and Syrinx (1912)
February 2, 1984, New York City Ballet, New York State Theater
Original Cast
Kyra Nichols, Stephanie Saland, Maria Calegari, Simone Schumacher, Helene Alexopoulos, Jerri Kumery, Victoria Hall, Florence Fitzgerald

19 Min.
Costumes by
Florence Klotz
Lighting by
Jennifer Tipton