Circle of Fifths

Choreography by: Christopher d’Amboise

Music by: Philip Glass

This exuberant plotless, neoclassical ballet is filled with unusual choreographic pictures — a man prone on the floor while a pas de deux is danced around him, a bouncing ensemble, and a woman being tossed across the stage to a group of men, are just a few. In discussing this piece, choreographer d'Amboise has said he wanted to explore structure in both movement and music. "I'm very interested in the extension of what a dancer's line creates," he continues. "For example, a dancer might do something that creates a certain perspective and if I can make it clear that the movement exists once the dancer is no longer there, then I can twist it around and it surprises you."

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Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (1987)
May 30, 1997, The Diamond Project III, New York City Ballet, New York State Theater
Original Cast
Wendy Whelan, Peter Boal, Albert Evans

26 Min.
Costumes by
Holly Hynes
Lighting by
Mark Stanley