Hallelujah Junction

Choreography by: Peter Martins

Music by: John Adams

Martins’ Hallelujah Junction is a living locomotive of propulsive vitality, set to a pulsing John Adams score played by two onstage pianists.

Peter Martins’ Hallelujah Junction is set to a score of the same name by John Adams.  The music was written for two pianos, and named after a small truck stop near the California-Nevada border. Adams said of the piece, “It was a case of a good title needing a piece, so I obliged by composing this work for two pianos.” The work centers on delayed repetition between the two pianos, creating an effect of echoing sonorities. There is a constant shift of pulse and meter, but the main rhythms are based on the rhythms of the word “Hal-le-LU-jah.”  The ballet, originally created for the Royal Danish Ballet, features a principal couple in white, a male soloist in black, and a small corps de ballet. The two pianists, dimly lit and facing each other at the back of the stage, appear to hover in the darkness above the dancers.


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Hallelujah Junction (1996)
March 24, 2001, Royal Danish Ballet, Royal Theater
NYC Ballet Premiere
January 22, 2002, New York State Theater
Original Cast
Gitte Lindstrom, Andrew Bowman, Andrey Batalov

NYC Ballet Original Cast
Gitte Lindstrom+, Andrew Bowman+, Benjamin Millepied (+Guest Artists, appearing courtesy of the Royal Danish Ballet)
17 Min.
Costumes by
Kirsten Lund Nielsen
Lighting by
Mark Stanley