River of Light

Choreography by: Peter Martins

Music by: Charles Wuorinen

Featuring stunning lighting effects that create geometric patterns onstage, River of Light is an exploration in partnering, at times angular and other moments lyrical, for three interchanging couples.

Throughout his career Peter Martins has been a champion of contemporary American music, and has choreographed to the music of Charles Wuorinen, the Pulitzer Prize-winning American composer, on four occasions. In 1998 Martins created the ballet River of Light as a 60th birthday tribute to Wuorinen, with the composer conducting the New York City Ballet orchestra for the work’s premiere performance. The score for the ballet is set to the final section of Wuorinen’s "Dante Trilogy", which consists of three modernist scores — "The Mission of Virgil" (1993), "The Great Procession "(1995), and "The River of Light" (1996) — which correspond to the three sections — Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso — of Dante’s epic poem The Divine Comedy.

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June 11, 1998, New York State Theater
Original Cast
Darci Kistler, Monique Meunier, Alexandra Ansanelli, Jock Soto, Charles Askegard, Sébastien Marcovici

19 Min.
Costumes by
Holly Hynes
Lighting by
Mark Stanley