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All digital performances will be streamed free of charge for seven days on Facebook, YouTube and our homepage.

Repertory Performances

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21st Century Voices

(available until Tuesday, October 27 at 8pm EDT)

Principal Casting

RODEO: FOUR DANCE EPISODES (Third and Fourth Episodes)
Brittany Pollack, *Justin Peck, Daniel Ulbricht, Gonzalo Garcia, Andrew Veyette
Conductor: Andrews Sill. Filmed on 5/11/2017.

Tuileries: Tiler Peck
Bydlo: Sterling Hyltin, Sara Mearns, Claire Kretzschmar, Abi Stafford
Promenade: Gonzalo Garcia
Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks: Tyler Angle, Gonzalo Garcia, Joseph Gordon, Aaron Sanz*, Andrew Veyette*
Solo Pianist: Stephen Gosling. Filmed on 5/10/2017.

YEAR OF THE RABBIT (Year of Our Lord pas de deux)
Indiana Woodward, Taylor Stanley
Conductor: Daniel Capps. Filmed on 1/25/2018.

IX.: Lauren Lovette*, Andrew Veyette*
X.: Lauren Lovette*, Megan Fairchild*, Alston Macgill*, Sara Mearns, Andrew Veyette*, Jovani Furlan*, Roman Mejia*, Silas Farley*
Solo Pianists: Stephen Gosling, Alan Moverman. Filmed on 1/30/2020.

IX.: Abi Stafford, Sara Mearns, Amar Ramasar
Conductor: Andrews Sill; Solo Violinist: Arturo Delmoni; Soprano: Veronica Mitina. Filmed on 2/1/2018.

X.: Taylor Stanley*
Conductor: Andrew Litton; Solo Violinist: Kurt Nikkanen. Filmed on 4/26/2017.

Tiler Peck, Tyler Angle
Conductor: Andrew Litton, Solo Pianist: Alan Moverman. Filmed on 4/25/2017.

Maria Kowroski, Sara Mearns*, Indiana Woodward*, Teresa Reichlen, Russell Janzen, Taylor Stanley*, Gonzalo Garcia
Conductor: Daniel Capps. Filmed on 10/3/2019.

Family-Friendly Matinees

Watch on YouTube  Watch on Facebook   Watch on nycballet.com

Short Stories

(available until Saturday, October 31, at 2pm EDT)

Principal Casting

FANFARE (Opening)
MAJORDOMO: David Aaron Baker*+; PICCOLO: Sara Adams*; FLUTES: Claire Von Enck*, Sarah Villwock*; OBOE: Isabelle LaFreniere*; VIOLAS: Lauren King*, Alec Knight*; HARP: Ashley Laracey*; CELLOS: Olivia MacKinnon*, Laine Habony*, Olivia Boisson*; CLARINETS: Ashley Hod*, Sebastian Villarini-Velez*; BASSOONS: Spartak Hoxha*, Lars Nelson*; DOUBLE BASS: Aaron Sanz*; TUBA: Giovanni Villalobos*; TRUMPETS: Devin Alberda*, Ralph Ippolito*; PERCUSSION: Joseph Gordon*, Sean Suozzi, Troy Schumacher*
Conductor: Andrews Sill. Filmed on 5/11/2018.

Erica Pereira, Daniel Ulbricht
Conductor: Andrews Sill. Filmed on 10/10/2014.

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM (Donkey pas de deux)
TITANIA: Sara Mearns, BOTTOM: Preston Chamblee*
with OBERON: Daniel Ulbricht, PUCK: Taylor Stanley*
Conductor: Daniel Capps. Filmed on 5/28/2019

OBERON: Anthony Huxley, BUTTERFLY: Claire Von Enck
Conductor: Andrew Litton. Filmed on 5/26/2016.

Festival of New Choreography


Featuring five world premiere ballets filmed in various locations on the Lincoln Center campus and throughout New York City. Featured choreographers include Sidra Bell, Andrea Miller, Justin Peck, Jamar Roberts, and Pam Tanowitz. All programs will stream for an indefinite period of time.

Complete details for all digital performances, including ballets and casting, will be released at a later date. Programming and casting subject to change.

*Debut **New York City debut +Guest Artist

City Ballet The Podcast

Listen at podcast.nycballet.com or any podcast streaming platform.

New episodes begin September 28

The latest season of City Ballet The Podcast kicks off with a reprise of the See the Music episode on Symphony in C, including an additional excerpt from the ballet's score introduced by NYCB's Music Director Andrew Litton.

Additional episodes, featuring conversations with current and former NYCB artists, will be released every Monday through October 26.

Virtual Public Programs

Explore our digital workshops and classes for dancers of all ages and abilities.

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